Look Away, Miley Cyrus! Harry Styles Claims Twerking Is ‘Inappropriate’

Don’t look, Miley Cyrus – Harry Styles has said that he thinks twerking is ‘inappropriate’ for young fans.

The One Direction heart-throb was speaking while the band were promoting their new movie This Is Us, which had its international release this week.

Asked by Moviefone who the best twerker in the band is, Niall Horan and Harry were singled out by their bandmates, with Louis Tomlinson saying: “Everyone loves this twerking thing.”

One Direction (WENN)

But later on in the Q&A, Harry said: “I think it’s quite inappropriate. Especially for the age groups it’s aimed at.”

Liam Payne quipped: “You’ve gotta have certain muscles.”

While Niall expressed his surprise at Harry’s possibly genuine, possibly jokey seriousness; Harry added when asked if he worries about the younger Directioners: “When they’re twerking, yes.”

Miley Cyrus (WENN)

Liam was quick to chime in with another punchline, joking that the dance craze comes with a high risk of “back injury, as well”.

Miley of course provoked a huge backlash when she got twerkin’ during her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards last week; earning a string of complaints and disses from all corners.

Meanwhile, 1D’s This Is Us was released on Thursday and stands to make $20 million at the US box office, comfortably topping the Labour Day weekend charts.

The movie received a lukewarm reception from most critics upon its unveiling.


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