This Is What Harry Styles Would Look Like With Ramen Noodle Hair

(Courtesy Kabuto Noodles)Perhaps inspired by Justin Timberlake’s instant ramen noodle hair of yore, Kabuto Noodles recently launched a competition on Instagram and Twitter to find the best celebrity noodle art — and the results are already kind of incredible.

Noodle enthusiast and artist Sarah King has created a particularly impressive series of portraits made entirely of “authentic Asian Inspired ingredients,” including soy sauce for the finer details.

“I love making art in unusual ways, so when I saw Kabuto Noodles’ #NoodleDoodle entries on Facebook I was inspired to create my own noodle masterpieces,” Sarah explained. “Fortunately I’m a huge Kabuto fan so I had enough pots in my kitchen cupboard to make all of my favourite celebs.”

Here’s Harry Styles of Wok Direction:

And this here is Ramen Gosling:

Miley Soyus looks much more demure than her namesake:

While Soymon Cowell looks much more pleasant:


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