FameFlynet Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have yet to address most everything that’s made headlines about their personal lives this week, but there’s been no shortage of buzz about his DUI, her cryptic tweet, and the fate of their relationship.

Lamar Odom Goes to Blockbuster

And here’s the latest: Since Odom’s DUI at about 4am Friday morning — hours after supposedly meeting with NBA drug counselors about his alleged addiction to crack cocaine — he’s been chauffeured around town. (He automatically lost his license for 1 year during his arrest.)

He took a taxi from the police station back to the gated community where he and Kardashian live, even. And was driven to Blockbuster this weekend to get movies and a Coke. He wore his wedding ring for the errands.

The NBA star supposedly met with Kardashian Saturday for about four hours to discuss the future of their relationship and TMZ‘s sources say things are looking “grim.” She supposedly laid down the law and won’t allow him to live at their house until he completes rehab. So far, he hasn’t even agreed to get help, as far as anyone can tell.

Kardashian didn’t even know about his DUI arrest until she read about the news on the Internet, according to more sleuthy insiders. She’s been quiet about everything that’s gone on, but did post a cryptic message on Twitter Friday: “Smile and no one will notice.”

It’s unclear how the family will go about handling further developments. Someone’s going to have to say something soon, right? Kourtney Kardashian greeted fans at the Kardashian Khaos store in Las Vegas over the weekend and was mum about the ordeal, but it’s got to be only a matter of time. Right?

What do you think will happen? Will Khloe and Lamar save their marriage? Sound off in the comments.



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