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It’s cool if Selena Gomez wants to abandon her music career to focus on her acting, but hopefully this means she’ll think more carefully about her roles. Though Gomez surprised critics with her chops a few months ago in Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers, her turn in the new Ethan Hawke car chase flick Getaway isn’t going to be remembered as one of the highlights of her year.

Getaway holds the embarrassing distinction of having one of the lowest ratings on Rotten Tomatoes… of all time. At present, it holds a 1% fresh rating thanks to a pleasant review from NOW Toronto’s Norman Wilner, who coincidentally is running an interview with the film’s director today as well. It doesn’t sound like any of it is Gomez’s fault, exactly — more a case of not being given much to work with.

Below, some choice quotes from the top critics.

NPR: “This is a movie for those who watched Liam Neeson in Taken and thought, “Hey, this is fun, but can we do it without having to wait 15 minutes for the action to start?” Solomon has 90 minutes at his disposal, and doesn’t want to waste time with setup.”

Variety: “Gomez never seems more imperiled than if she’d broken a nail.”

The Hollywood Reporter: “Director Courtney Solomon wrecks scores of cars and one movie in Getaway, a pedal-to-metal flick only an out-of-work stuntman could love. Failing to understand that a chase scene is only exciting for those who care about someone, anyone, who’s part of the action, the movie produces untold broken axles but no thrills. A quick exit from theaters is all but guaranteed.”

New York Times: “The glimmers of wit and carnival humor in the Fast & Furious franchise are nowhere to be found in Getaway, except in its bizarre note of seasonal cheer. It’s Christmastime, and every now and then a fragment of “Jingle Bell Rock” interrupts the generic pumped-up soundtrack.”



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