Chris Pratt, Star-Lord
(From Marvel | Getty Images)

Earlier this week, Vin Diesel sounded like he really wanted to get in on the Guardians of the Galaxy movie that Marvel is making. And based on Chris Pratt’s glowing description of working on the movie, it really does sound like Vin’s missing out by not being on the set as they work on the movie in London.

Pratt spoke with IGN about the new movie, in which he plays Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, the leader of a group of superheroes that includes a space raccoon (which will probably be voiced by Bradley Cooper), and a kind of half-tree alien warrior (which will probably be voiced by Vin Diesel).

“It’s been really great. It’s hard to even put into words, especially for someone like me who has the vocabulary of a sixth-grader,” Pratt said. “It’s been a real trip. … It’s so imaginative and so unreal. We’re working really hard and I’m in a bit of a daze, but I just can’t wait for people to see what we’re doing out there. I think that footage they showed at Comic-Con is very accurate to the movie that we’re making. I thought that footage was pretty badass.”

He added: “I think we’re getting good stuff. I don’t know what to say about it other than it might be…Oh! It’s the greatest movie of the 21st century! That’s what I’ll say. It’ll be the Citizen Kaneof movies other than Citizen Kane.”

So, you know, don’t set your expectations too high or anything.



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